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The 4 Most Incredible Cupcakes Ever Created

The 4 Most Incredible Cupcakes Ever Created

know now the most incredible cupcakes that exists! The 04 cupcake is the best of all, what do you think?

1) Mermaid Cupcake

The fabulous ladies at The Cake in Glendora California made the cutest featured cupcake this month

The adorable Mermaid Cupcake !!

Mermaid Cupcake

Seriously, it’s so cute who cares what it tastes like?! Just kidding, it tastes AMAZING too!!
2) Crochet Cupcake 

This is a cupcake that needs to have a talent with crochet. The points are amazing and creativity has no limits

cupcake incredible crochet

A collection of different ways to Crochet Cupcake Stitch with Free Patterns. This sweet crochet cupcake stitch our Crochet Channel is going to share today is an fun and easy stitch for beginners to get hang out of, as it is stitched out with mainly double crochet, there is some variations below. Crochet with three dc on as frosting, or five dc to make it full looking, adding topper at your creation, bead, pompom or crochet an extra pop out bobble or shell would be other choices. Scroll down and try it on your new project. If you wanna know how do, just click here 

cupcake incredible crochet
3) Rainbow Cupcake

Fini bullets have this sweet power, making everything much more fun. And you can also use your creativity and make life even more delicious with your favorite bullets

cupcake rainbow

4) Princess Poppy Cake With Pull-apart Cupcake Hair

This mom has the most crative idea. She did a cake with cupcake. The end, the result was this:

cupcake princess poppy cake

Every time I get in to the car with my daughter the refrain from the back is the same: Trolls soundtrack please mummy. It’s on a loop! When it came time to write a list for her birthday Trolls, and especially Princess Poppy, featured heavily.
After making a Barbie Princess Cake for my daughter last year, I had my work cut out to come up with something this year. After much debate – castles, Frozen, mermaids, fairies – we had settled on a Trolls cake. But, how?
Of course, I consulted Pinterest and there are a lot of beautiful cakes, but none that jumped out at me.
I wanted to use a mix, I wanted to use the mix. I wanted to use the mix. of frosting and fondant.
After some brainstorming and sketching, this idea was born. A princess poppy cake with pull-apart cupcake hair … Then, I just had to make it! And now you can too, with step by step instructions …just click here

Is that you? What was your favorite cupcake?

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